Garden House

We are a transnational pharmaceutical laboratory that commercializes medicines and supplements manufactured based on extracts from medicinal plants, nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals.

We are present in all the relevant markets of North, Central and South America, through subsidiaries and distributors that are highly committed with the development of our brands, which are now sold in some of the most important pharmacy chains in the world.

Our vision has led us to build a successful multinational company, which leads sales in important over-the counter categories of medicines and nutraceuticals, with quality products of proven effect.

At Laboratorios Garden House, we have taken on the mission of producing and commercializing over-the-counter medicines and effective nutraceuticals, of preferably natural origin, which improve the quality of life and health of our consumers. To achieve this, each of us is responsible for applying the norms and procedures related to the production process of medicines, ensuring this way, that our products are secure and effective.

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Laboratorios Garden House